The Philosophy Project

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Philosophy Course Syllabus

By Acropolis Boston

Week One: Who am I?

Man and the Universe

  • Universal and Timeless Principles in Man and Nature
  • The Seven-Fold Constitution of the Human Being
  • The Personality and the Individual: Achieving Harmony



Week two: awakening the warrior within

Modern Lessons From The Bagavad Gita


  • The Concepts of Reincarnation, Karma and Dharma
  • The Four Yogas and the Path of Right Action
  • Self-Mastery: Learning to work with your Virtues and Vices



Week three: the path to wisdom

The Teachings of the Buddha

  • Pain as a Vehicle of Consciousness
  • How to Walk the Middle Way
  • The Noble Eight-Fold Path



Week four: the power of choice

Plato‘s Good, Just and Beautiful

  • Archetypes and their Shadows
  • Justice in the Individual, Society and State
  • The Education of the Soul



Week five:Practical Philosophy for Everyday Life

The Wisdom of the Roman Stoics

  • Personal Responsibility and Effective Action
  • Acceptance and Duty
  • Creating Your Own Merit



Week six:Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

Symbols of Transformation

  • Cycles of Regeneration and Rebirth
  • MAAT: The Egyptian concepts of Cosmic Order and Justice
  • Initiation and the Tests in the After Life



Week seven:The Universal Law of Cycles

A Perspective of History

  • Sacred Time and Sacred SpaceĀ 
  • The Rise and Fall of Civilizations
  • The Intelligent Forces of Evolution



Week eight:The art of conscious living

A Synthesis of Theory and Practice

  • Life as a Meditation in Action
  • Discovering the Profound in the Transitional Moment
  • Idealism as a Catalyst for Positive Change