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September 2014
8-week Intro Course
Wednesday, September 24th at 7:30 pm   Reserve Now!
Admission: $125

PHILOSOPHY = Philo & Sophia: Philo = Love, Sophia = Wisdom

LOVE is the most powerful force in the Human Being and the Universe. It is the force of attraction which pulls us forward. Philo is the active ingredient in Philosophy.

WISDOM is the mystery that lies deep inside - unknown but deeply felt. It is the culmination of a Truth we have lived and experienced. Sophia represents our highest aspirations in Philo-sophy.

PHILOSOPHY is the Love of Wisdom that inspires our search for Truth in Ourselves, in the World and in the Universe.

Course Topics Include: 1. Man and the Universe 2. Free-Will, Karma & Dharma 3. Walking the Middle Way of the Buddha 4. Plato's World of Archetypes
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