Introductory Course

Our 8 week course covers the pillars of time-tested wisdom of the East and West as a foundation for the next level classes.

First Class: FREE Full Course: $125 Monthly: $75

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Available Advanced Courses

  • PSYCHOLOGY. A synthesis of the knowledge about psychology held by the ancient and classical civilizations, gathered from the broad spectrum of philosophy. As love of knowledge, philosophy has always been concerned with the knowledge of the human being.
  • EASTERN AND WESTERN WISDOM (two levels). Compendium of subjects revolving around the universe, life and the human being, approached from the traditions of wisdom in East and West, and their implications for the postulates of current science.
  • SYMBOLOGY OF CIVILIZATIONS. Comparative study and analysis of the myths and symbols of religions and civilizations.
  • APPLIED PHILOSOPHY AND ETHICS. An overview of the major schools of moral philosophy of East and West.
  • SOCIOPOLITICS. A philosophical approach to improving our society.
  • ORATORY (two levels) Our aim is to recover the art of public speaking - effective communication through oral expression.
  • HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY (four levels). An in-depth study of philosophical theories throughout history, analyzing their context and influence.
  • HISTORY OF RELIGIONS. A comparative study of the theological messages of the religions which, in all ages, have raised the consciousness of humanity.