‘Strength to Love’: Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr


January 2020

New Acropolis Boston paid tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with an interactive event open to the public about his ideals, his values, his life and legacy, as well as his book Strength to Love, containing a collection of his sermons, many of them written during the tumultuous years of the Civil Rights struggle. Participants were inspired by a lively discussion on Dr. King’s commitment to justice, and to the intellectual, moral and spiritual dimension in which he based his philosophy and his vision for a world shaped by redemptive love.

MFA Egypt Tour

November 2019

The permanent Egypt collection at the MFA is so rich, one could never tire of spending time with some truly remarkable pieces of history. In his guided tour, Savonne shared some fascinating myths and traditions of the great ancient empire that continues to wow us with its mystery and intrigue. Everyone left with a pearl of wisdom as true today as all those years ago.

Bookclub on the 4 Agreements

October 2019

Our member presentation led by Yana was a thoughtful and lively discussion on the main ideas of Don Miguel Ruiz's book The Four Agreements. The agreements include being impeccable with our words, not taking things personally, never assume and to always do our best. These Toltec agreements are essential no matter where or in what time period we live as they promote harmony and balance for ourselves and those around us. Thank you to all of the participants for sharing their insights and experiences!

Gandhi Celebration

Peace Abbey, Sherborn, MA

September 2019

October 2019 marks the 150 year anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi. Members celebrated his message of unity and nonviolence early by visiting his memorial at The Peace Abbey in Sherborn, MA. After a beautiful presentation, the group sat down to enjoy a vegetarian meal together at The Green Leaf. Our favorite Gandhi quote from the day? "Like the bee gathering honey from the different flowers, the wise person accepts the essence of the different scriptures and sees only the good in all religions."

Montpellier, Quebec

August 2019

Boston members came together in Montpellier, Quebec to join schools across North America including Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Los Angeles and Chicago. Over the course of one weekend at the school-owned country house, members worked together to cook and share daily meals, attend development workshops, share musical and artistic performances, and enjoy a night of dancing! The weekend was a true expression of how humanity can come together to inspire greatness in ourselves and others.

ArtBeat 2019

July 2019

ArtBeat in Davis Square is one of our favorite festivals, and we're celebrating The Renaissance yet again! This time in history showed how the rediscovery of classical philosophy led to a cultural, artistic, economic and political rebirth - one we can see happen again today. This is a call for people everywhere to actively cultivate wisdom. Why? "Philosophy" or love of wisdom is something that at its foundation can change the world: it's about recognizing and solving problems before they happen, and choosing the wisest way to tackle a specific issue.

The theme at this year's festival is "consumed," so we ask you, what are you consumed by? As philosophers, this is an important question to ask because it can reveal something about ourselves: what drives us? Where did this drive come from? And where, exactly, is it driving us to? Thinkers of the Renaissance were consumed by their idea of the human being becoming an active participant in the creation of a better world. Come by our booth to learn how we can revive this spirit of philosophy today in order to renew ourselves and our world in 2019!


Cambridge Riverfest

June 2019

At this year's Cambridge River Festival, we're celebrating The Renaissance: a time in history where the rediscovery of classical philosophy led to a cultural, artistic, economic and political rebirth. This is a call for people everywhere to actively cultivate wisdom. Why? "Philosophy" or love of wisdom is something that, at its foundation, can change the world: it's about recognizing and solving problems before they happen, and choosing the wisest way to tackle a specific issue.

MIT Hologram Museum

May 2019

In May, we went on a cultural outing to the MIT Hologram museum. It was inspiring to see the incessant ingenuity of the human spirit on display. The visit was a gentle reminder that both young and old need to be inspired to create - everyone has something to give!"

International Meeting - Budapest

April 2019

Members of Acropolis Boston traveled to the General Meeting of the IONA in Budapest and visited the beautiful sites with friends from Latin America and around the world. Inspired by the presentation of New Acropolis India for the commemoration events organized for the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi, we will be organizing an event September 14th to participate in this important international event.

Dinner with Ted (Ted Talk)

March 2019

Members of New Acropolis Boston sponsored an evening with Ted open to the community.  It was attended by old friends and new faces as well.  We listened to a lively discussion by Shameen Akhtar, titled "To Learn is to Be Free."  The topic was chosen in honor of International Women's Day (March 8) a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.  We shared deepening our understanding of ourselves and each other.  Learning from each of our similar but different perspectives.  For more events similar please visit Humanities 5.0

Egypt Tour at the MFA

January 2019

Nicole and Savonne gave a guided tour of the MFA's extensive Egyptian exhibit. While viewing the many artifacts the meaning and symbolism were explained and also how we may use the same powerful messages in our lives today. Join us for future cultural events at HUMANITY 5.0 

Delivering Creativity Bags to DCF

November 2018

Volunteers delivered donated musical instruments and crafts supplies in hand-made bags designed by Crafts for Humanity to the Department of Children and Families of Massachusetts in Cambridge. Happy holidays everyone!

Road Less Traveled Bookclub

October 2018

Participants enjoyed a lively discussion on the philosophical themes from the classic work of M. Scott Peck, Beyond the Road Less Traveled. Discussing ideas with others always brings an enlightening and enriching.




Wellness Event at Mary B. Wakefield Estate

October 2018

Acropolis Boston participated in the event in Milton by giving a Labyrinth Experience and Mindfulness workshop. Wakefield Wellness Day was a greay way explore some of the estate's special resources in a new way. Participants had the opportunity to choose from an variety of activities designed to improve and enhance health and awareness.



New York City Trip

September 2018

Members travel to NYC to visit the sites and spend time discussing classical philosophical ideas and traditions while exploring. For many it was their visit time seeing The Death of Socrates painted by Jacques-Louis David at the MET, one of the many incredible destinations on the adventure.





Summer BBQ

August 2018

Summer is a time for fun, family and friends. Thank you Iko for inviting us to your beautiful home to enjoy some great food and company while taking advantage of the Boston summer despite its unpredictable weather!



Philosophy in the Park

June 2018

In the style of Socrates who is famously remembered for having brought philosophy into the streets, members and participants alike enjoyed talking about timeless wisdom with The Philosophy Project, practicing Hatha Yoga with Humanity 5.0 and making butterflies and cranes with Crafts for Humanity in Seven Hills Park on a beautiful summer day!